Computer :(

I'm Ryan Rix and I am: an intolerable Emacs nerd; a privacy activist; computer infrastructure wonk; public infrastructure wonk-wannabe; learning elixir; a blue smoke summoner; optimistic; empathetic; on sabbatical; living in Seattle.

After a little over five crazy years as an engineer at Uber, I'm on a sabbatical, traveling and dusting off side-projects and habits that I've neglected.

I build decentralized infrastructure in my free time. I build stupid Emacs libraries and applications. I take public transit. I computer :(. Some may say that I open source, too. I buy stupid domains and use them for bad jokes. My dirty secret is that all of my other jokes are based on old Liam Lynch videos.

In past lives, I've been an SRE and Privacy Engineer, storer of stories, hackerspace board member, javascript nerd and 3D printer botmaster. I am still some of these things.

I post various post types: long-form articles, photos, Check-ins, music I like, things I've read, Twitter-style notes, replies to posts and tweets, things I like, and things I've reposted or retweeted. I'm going to be adding more and more post types as I integrate them in to Arcology, my self-sufficient media platform.

Westfalia Trip Report

Test post for bridgy fed

@torwegia ohhhhmyyygooddddd

@BerlinWalrus Naw man, computers are bullshit.

@torwegia I mean, the canon is that vibranium absorbs sound so that its stronger... not reflects it

@rrrrrrrix And the good news about going matrix-only is that I can still federate out to IRC and others at will.

@michielscholten Thule is nice, but covered in logo and #brand :(

@BerlinWalrus yeah, it's still a WIP, but it's coming along

@BerlinWalrus @Torwegia it's coming from Arcology my #indieweb blog-engine built in ...

@BerlinWalrus We'll need @Torwegia to be a razorgirl.

@BerlinWalrus All I've ever wanted in my life is to be a decker :3

@huertanix Oh, yeah, it is. I haven't checked my email in like two weeks augh.

@huertanix @willbradley We could exchange Snowdenmail through the Web Of Trust, no?

Ryan Rix is a privacy rights advocate and net-art wannabe. Reach them on the Fediverse as, twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to or on Facebook or on Matrix as