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I'll be renting a Camper Van and driving around Washington in September

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A week of unemployment has evolved in to some travel plans. I've planned a 7 night trip through northwest Washington from Sept 13-20, making a big loop around the Olympic national forest, through Snoqualmie pass and around through the northern cascades pass.

Check out this link for a map.

I will be traveling in a Westfalia VW van named Elwha:

A few months back, I went through Port Angeles and visited Rialto beach with my cousin Matt, who is stationed at Fort Lewis in Tacoma and I really had a great time in the Olympics, and especially in Port Angeles so seeing more of the less dense parts of Cascadia. I have a few public and private camp sites reserved and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm going to buy a fishing pole and a telescope before I go and am planning some day-hikes, nothing too intense.

I've got some other stuff in the pipeline as well that I will message out later, and of course I'll send out some photos and stuff through my travel. When I talked with folks a while back, I had some plans to drive down the coast to San Diego, camping along the way, but I decided rather than cram everything in to a single trip, I will plan different trips and message those out separately once I have tickets booked.

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