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Getting my Apartment setup to the point where I love it

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Been slowly upgrading my home-computing setup, and I am pretty pleased with how it is coming together.


My work desk. Right now it is an HP Chromebook 13 plugged in to a Dell USB-C port replicator. That is plugged in to a Samsung 28 inch 4k display, my Ergodox – "The Miami Knight" – and a Logitech wireless track ball.


A wee little Gunpla, a generic lamp, and some Adafruit WS2812 NeoPixels provide some ambiance. I use these Travelon packing cubes to be able to take everything I need for my work in to and out of my backpack easily. The yellow one has my password store, some headphones, about 400 GiB worth of MicroSD storage, a MiFi hot-spot, etc.


In total I have three desks in my studio, all of them are on casters which makes it easy to wheel whatever i am working on away from the walls and towards the music. The power strip on the floor is detritus and not actually going to the desk.


The music lives on this cubeshelf. cable management back there is still a mess but…

I use my Chromebook as an SSH terminal and web browser – all of my applications run on that HP Microserver, until I can afford a desktop build. Everything except the Chromebook display routes through Onkyo receiver using the cable shroud on top. I can plug a USB DAC on my desk in to the receiver to pipe the Chromebook audio through the speakers. Or I can plug the HDMI cable in that cable shroud in to the monitor to play PS4, Melee, or watch movies on XBMC.

I'm slowly starting to build up a collection of records, starting with some that really hit home for me – Anamanaguchi's Endless Fantasy, and three from Aesop Rock: Labor Days, None Shall Pass, and The Impossible Kid


Having multiple desks means I can just leave projects in place while I am working on them. I have three stacked trays of gundam models that I need to paint, if the weather would ever let me.

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