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Spent the evening on #Amtrak talking to a really interesting guy from Japan

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I really love the serendipity of Amtrak trips; I'm currently on the Coast Starlight headed from Oakland to Seattle for the long weekend, and got to spend the time I would be journaling talking with this fellow named Bill. He'd just retired from teaching in Japan, and was traveling up the coast from Los Angeles spending time with his various family, ultimately ending up in Eastern Washington tomorrow afternoon; his latest stop was visiting his daughter's family, who lives less than a mile from where I live in Oakland. One of the most refreshing things is spending time talking to "regular" people, not about tech, not about computers, not about how computers are bullshit, but just about life. I really need more of it.

A good conversation isn't just about being able to tell a story, or being able to provide insight – it's just as important to be able to jog the memory of the person you're talking with, to bring forth conversation and stories of their own while telling your own.

Tomorrow I'm going to get lunch with Bill, since we were both yawning and not done talking. It's a great way to start a long weekend. Well, we'll see how I feel after 22 hours in a single seat, but for now I am excited and invigorated. I have a seat that looks east, we'll see how I feel when the sun rises at 06:34, somewhere in Oregon. I just left Sacramento, and am heading north – I'm going to try to stay awake long enough to see the stars.

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