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This whole Moxie/Signal thing...

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This whole Moxie / Signal thing really just underscores the mindset differences between Free Software and Open Source. It's about developer control and efficiency entirely, and the user freedom is just a handy side-effect.

Open Whisper Systems has done great work to make encrypted-by-default chat easy and accessible, but in doing so have forced users to cede a lot of control over their devices, and some of the UX decisions made are incredibly narrow minded.

Meanwhile, the folks over at Matrix are still plugging away at end-to-end federated chats. An open protocol, an open community, a place that is willing to support people without complaining about how annoying real-live-honest-to-god users and usecases are without building a monoculture. And that's the only place I'll be, when end-to-end chat hits and I can figure out how to wedge Olm in to Emacs.

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