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Today I bought a new bag

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It's from Pac-safe and has some neat features. I've had an anti-theft messenger from Travelon similar to this one, but it's just a little bit too small for all of my day-bullshit, like my small coffee-shop mechanical, the Planck. All in all, I'm a bigger and bigger fan of using travel bags and bags from travel companies as regular day-bags, though it is worrisome that the Amazon reviews for the pac-safe say that it is not water-resistant. Might have to get a small waterproof cover like this one, which appears to be able to collapse in to water-bottle sized package.

Travel-gear, in general, is super low-key because it's designed to blend in (barring things like suitcases, of course). I'm not a huge fan of wearing obviously-branded things like Timbuk2 or Chrome bags, or even things like Jansport, even though they have some fucking gorgeous designs like this purple one I had to get recently when in Arizona. The same goes for, frankly, all of my clothing, I mostly wear plain single-color tee shirts, and pants that don't have the big-ass leather stamps on them that you see on levis, etc. It's nice, though I am going to slowly but surely start phasing in some loud as fuck glitch and *wave clothing when the orders for those things finally make it in.

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