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Updated my gpg key's expiration date today

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I've exported it to pgp.mit.edu and pool.sks-keyservers.net.

          pub   rsa2048/0x7FF21B69A5FCE951 2015-10-10 [SC] [expires: 2016-10-16]
          Key fingerprint = BFE3 EA10 49EA D5FE CD50  78E5 7FF2 1B69 A5FC E951
          uid                   [ultimate] Ryan Rix <ryan@whatthefuck.computer>
          uid                   [ultimate] Ryan Rix <rrix@uber.com>
          uid                   [ultimate] Ryan Rix <ry@n.rix.si>
          sub   rsa2048/0xCC47ADB64C1BBFAD 2015-10-11 [E]
          sub   rsa2048/0xC4FB939DEF0F3F8D 2015-10-11 [A]

I have a signed message hosted at http://whatthefuck.computer/new-key.txt with biographical and contact information that should still clear with the new key as well as a Keybase account.

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Ryan Rix is a privacy rights advocate and net-art wannabe. Reach them on the Fediverse as @rrix@cybre.space, twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to ryan@whatthefuck.computer or on Facebook or on Matrix as @rrix:whatthefuck.computer.