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Introducing Arcology

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Today I got my blog generator Arcology to publish a site to the World Wide Web. Indeed, this very post is being published through Arcology.

From the ground-up Arcology is designed to become a self-sufficient information hub, a way to share various snippets of information in an easy, socially consumable, way. It's built around the work of the IndieWeb movement, as a way to pull my personal information and thoughts out of closed-silos.

The core of Arcology is built around Emacs Org-mode. When I started writing this project, telling people that I was writing a blog engine in Emacs-Lisp, people would bug-eye at me.

"Are you some kind of slimy lisp nerd?" "Yes, No, idk. I just like what org-mode gives me, and I like its markup syntax"

In short, this blog engine is designed to take a giant pile of Org entries and synthesize a site out of them. And so, by slurping a bunch of information out of the ether, and rendering them in to org-mode files you can create shareable snippets of your life.

It's primarily targeted to sit on top of my slurper of choice, Memacs, and to provide an easy way to "promote" any org-mode heading in to a blog post. All of my random thought snippets, botspam, and Memacs entries can easily be pushed out to my blog to be shared with the world, then syndicated to the Silos of Facebook, Twitter and someday soon hopefully Swarm, Goodreads, and similar other silos.

It is a nice pattern, and built on top of open protocols and formats defined by a two really great communities.

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