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Staffing some SRE positions at $DAYJOB

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Hi, I don't usually do this sort of thing in my web spaces (talk about work) but my team has finally had some much-needed headcount allocated towards an exciting project, and I want to staff it with cool folks ASAP. 😄

First off, I'm a Site Reliability Engineer supporting the Money, Anti-fraud and Finance Engineering teams at Uber, and am looking to bring on some folks to help architect reliable cloud-native infrastructure for our next-gen platforms.

We're leveraging industry standard tooling like Terraform to power the future of Uber infrastructure and particularly Uber's Money platforms – and I need talented people to help us build it.

If these buzzwords are interesting to you, feel free to use the contact methods below this post to get ahold of me and let me know:

Day-to-day will mostly be high-impact greenfield projects, as well as working with the aforementioned teams on projects to enhance reliability and reduce single points of failure for the money, anti-fraud and finance engineering teams' platforms so that we can keep trips flowing at 100% and ensure the wellbeing of the hundreds of thousands of drivers and partners who rely on these systems.

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