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The Importance of Meditation Spaces

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As of late, I have picked up a habit that some of my friends have said borders on obsessive: The construction of small plastic GUNDAM Models – Gunpla. I've now built four of them over the last two months, and more and more am starting to realize why I have gravitated towards such a strange hobby, besides the fact that I enjoy giant mechas punching each other in space.

One thing I have always struggled with is the ability to shut my brain out from external thinking and meditate on my own life. It's been much easier for me to look objectively at the problems around me than it has been for me to loo even subjectively at my own state of being.

I found a while ago that the mindless tedium of a task that takes naught more than simple motor skills to complete. Things like folding laundry, baking to a recipe, or building a model kit following the directions perfectly. I've even started to detail my models, giving them "realistic" panel lines and weathering. It is fun and easy.

These spaces give me a way to "turn off" a part of my brain I usually am unable to bargain with, and to focus on the rest of me.

Plus, I end up with some cool models afterwards that I can pose in combat.

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