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For sale: AeroSky 550 hexacopter

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UPDATE [2016-03-27 Sun 04:31]: This got sold

I am trying to get rid of a bunch of toys and hobby stuff that I don't have the time or money to fully enjoy.

I am selling my hexacopter, a Chinese knockoff of the DJI F550, for 300$ which is half of what you'd find it for on XHeli when it is in stock, and cheaper than on Ebay as well. It is fun to fly, but in a city environment like Oakland it is not something I can easily do, myself. I used to drive down to San Jose to fly, but that costs way too much money to do often enough.

Included is a battery as well as a few packs of extra propellers. It is ready to fly, transmitter and receiver included. It is line of site with no FPV functionality and you will need to register with the FAA to legally fly it. You'll need a balancing charger similar to this one, banana plugs.

It can be shipped in the included box, but shipping costs will be on the purchaser; I prefer pick up in Oakland, CA. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested.

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