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For sale: 54mm Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke

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I am selling my model rocketry equipment.

This is a 54mm Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke. It was originally intended to be a NAR Level 2 rocket, it could be flown as a Level 1 however. I have never flown it myself, as I wasn't interested in hiking two miles through the desert to retrieve it – You'll want to fit it with a Tender Descender most likely, which I do not have. It has been primed with automotive primer, ready for a full coat of paint and is fitted with a 54mm AeroPack retainer and a full set of fire-safe laundry.

All in all, ready to fly, for 100$. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested. Flying this will require NAR or Tripoli level 1 certification.

I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.

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Ryan Rix is a computer infrastructure fanboy who dabbles in decentralized systems. Reach him on twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to ryan@whatthefuck.computer or on Facebook or on Matrix as @rrix:kickass.systems.