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For sale: 54mm Black Brant II kit

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I am selling my model rocketry equipment.

A Public Missles, Ltd Black Brant X kit – the fins are G10 and the body is plastic. This was intended to be a NAR Level 2 dual deploy when I was comfortable with a less complex model. There was even some crazy ideas to put the Black Brant on top of a Nike stage 1. Oh well, maybe when I am older. It was purchased from an old coworker as a kit.

I am selling this kit for 75$; you will need to purchase a new nose cone for it as I used it on my Binder Design sentinel. I will not be shipping this rocket, it is available for local pickup in Oakland, California. Contact ryan@whatthefuck.computer if interested. Flying this will require NAR or Tripoli level 2 certification.

I have a number of other kits in various stages of construction as well.

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