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Rethinking how I store and process Quantified Self data

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As I have written in the past, I feel like 2016 will be the year that I pull more and more of my data in to my own control. I have made great strides in this direction but a lot of work has to come to make this really meaningful this year.

A chunk of making sure this happens is putting the data in my control in some meaningful fashion. Having a blog of files under 20 different formats isn't going to work so well for me, after all, if I can't easily make sense of it all. Of course, there are probably some cloud services around that will make it simple to graph or whatever, but that isn't my style, and I should have some simple scripts written up to make sense of my data in a way that is most useful to me.

The way that I have done this for personal data in the past has been to route it through Org-mode using Memacs to process data streams in to Org-mode headings, and then leveraging either custom agendas or property tables to process the data in interesting fashions.

This is nice, but it requires some pretty hefty horsepower to process a large amount of data; for example, it can take

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