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It seems like my arensito experiment is over

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For the last few weeks, my main keyboard has been an Ortholinear Keyboards Planck, as it is a goregous little keyboard that fits in my daybag and mostly feels solid; It is quite dense due to the fact that the case is aluminium panel. That is pretty easy to fix with a 3D printer and a few hours on OnShape, I just need to get around to printing out a plastic case for it.

But this isn't meant to be a review of the planck, though I should write one of those up. This is about the keyboard layout I have been trying to learn.

Arensito is a great keyboard layout, built for the Kinesis Advantage with a focus on programming (mainly C-style languages) and a distinct symbol layer, which incidentally makes it a great fit for a small non-staggered board like the Planck. The planck is also built with layering in mind, with the keyboard design essentially forcing you to put at least three layers on each key (regular, shifted and symbols). It is really great if you can figure out how to rewire your brain to learn it. It shares little in common with qwerty, as Colemak does, which makes the learning curve, well, steep.

I spent two weeks with low productivity at work, hopping between an Arensito layout with blank keycaps and my Ergodox with a qwerty layout, but today I picked up my NPKC Rainbow Keycaps from Massdrop. I didn't realize until, well, yesterday, that I had purchased keycaps that were OEM profiled and had key legends printed on them. The end result is gorgeous as above, but it basically restricts me to QWERTY or a layout which puts each key on the same row, which is not super useful.

With that in mind I, well, switched back to qwerty. It is a known-shitty layout, but overall arensito has hindered my productivity enough that switching back to qwerty is really my only sane option.

Some things I've learned during this experiment:

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