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Fixed a weird interaction issue i was having in #Emacspeak

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The combination of ido-flx, smex, and emacspeak seems to be really good at causing errors, when you hit RET to call the last thing you called in smex. Essentially, it was trying to remove text-properties from a read only object, and getting this behavior repaired proved to be non-trivial. I have worked around it for now, with the follow advise, but it'd be neat to track it down properly.

(defadvice ido-exit-minibuffer (around emacspeak-no-personality first)
  "Disable voice lock on ido-exit; causes an error."
  (ad-deactivate 'remove-text-properties)
  (ad-activate 'remove-text-properties))
(ad-activate 'ido-exit-minibuffer)

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