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My Inventory

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I am attempting to build a full inventory of everything I own. It's half a reason to figure out what I use, and what I don't use so that I can minimize and sell/donate things that I don't use, and half as an insurance buffer to know what I lost in some sort of catastrophe scenario (file server disk failure, natural disaster)

I use, naturally, Org mode to build out my inventory. In essence, I have an org_archive file with two headings, a list of Locations where things live, and a list of things. Each thing has a bunch of properties which I can use to filter and calculate on.

Over on Hardcore Freestyle Emacs I am beginning to expand my documentation of my Inventory system, which I am using to catalog the things that I own – physical objects, mainly but also my eBooks and valuable digital artifacts. It is a system in its infancy, but provides a good example of how nicely the pieces of Emacs infrastructure I'm using are put together – namely how simple it is to integrate Helm, Org-mode and Org-links together to create something inherently useful

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