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Weekly Review 05 April 2015

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Last week was the first week back in the office. Out of the personal projects pot, and in to the work fire. Super stressful week but it was good to be back in the office working on meaningful things.

Time Spent by the Numbers

I clocked 111:10 hours this week, out of 168 hours. That's 66 percent of my time clocked, about on par with last week, since I didn't get my Sleep stuff pulled in to the time logs. I'm double clocked a little bit, which is something that I need to work on, and I hope I can solve with the jacket computer system.

12:36 Reading Internets 7.50
10:06 Eating 6.01
10:15 Friend Downtime 6.10
6:50 Watching Shows 4.07
6:40 Commuting 3.97
5:21 DnD Night 3.18
3:00 Body Computer System 1.79
3:10 Misc 1.88
2:10 Reading 1.29
2:42 Writing 1.61
1:35 General Organization State 0.94
1:26 Emacs SF Organization 0.85
0:27 The Inventory 0.27
66.30 All Time Tracked 0.01
17:23 Interrupts and General Time 10.35
12:00 Open Source License Audit 7.14
7:08 Scheduled Meetings 4.25
5:43 Checking Email 3.40
1:40 On Call tasks 0.99
0:32 Task Triage 0.32
0:53 Unscheduled Meetings 0.53
45.32 All Time Tracked 0.01

Interesting things I learned or read

Looking Ahead

I'm out of the debt that accrued while I was out of the office, and we've identified some points where I have a low bus/raptor factor and are working to eliminate that. It's pretty great. But, again, back in to the frying pan. Oh man, it's been a crazy week. Tonight is the first Emacs SF meetup and I'm hella looking forward to it. I want to solve my Sleep clocking gap and move forward towards 100% clocking, that would be a really great place to end up. I also need to come up with a standard catalog of task categorization, so that I can start doing over-time analysis of this data to see how I'm improving, more than just "percent of time clocked"

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