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Weekly Review 30 March 2015

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This week was a staycation week; I decided to disconnect from work for about ten days to tackle some personal time debt and to recenter myself with regards to my priorities and goals.

It was a good week, though not nearly as productive as I needed it to be. But such is life, and there were some good things to come out of the week, nonetheless.

Time Spent by the Numbers

I put a lot of time this week in to getting my time tracking story better. This comes in a couple of forms:

I ended up tracking 92:10 of 168 hours, for a total of 54% of my time clocked. That's a huge improvement over my other weeks, mostly due to the above work. This week I'm going to get Sleep as Android parsed using Memacs, for even more clocked time.

0 Sleep 0.00
1:00 General Organizational State 0.60
2:17 Reading internets 1.36
11:15 Eating 6.10
17:40 Server and Network Rebuild 10.52
0:20 Creative Time 0.20
6:02 The Inventory 3.59
0:24 Habit Forming and Management 0.24
14:40 Body Computing System work 8.73
5:04 Memacs/Elisp work 3.02
5:18 Travel Time 3.15
5:30 Downtime Alone 3.27
9:05 Downtime with Friends 5.41
6:03 Errands 3.60
15:00 Minor/Underclocked/Downtime 8.93
99.63 All Time Tracked Time%

When I spend a lot of time tracking, the breakdown is really interesting. I hope that work is equally well clocked next week.

Interesting things I learned or read

Looking Ahead

I'm back at work this week. All day today I'm going to probably just be getting back in to the swing of things, and learning exactly where my bus factor is 1. I need to document and reduce those.

As an added bonus, I need to:

Also known as: The things I meant to do this week. Woops.

I'd like to get the Body Computing System brain up and working this week with cellular connectivity. I got wifi hotspotting working, which was a huge undertaking, most of that 14 hours. I"m excited to get it working so that I can share the progress I've made.

I'm also playing with an Emacs library I want to write to aid in creating and maintaining daily habits and workflows. More on that when it's not hecka late.

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