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Weekly Review 20 Mar 2015

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Already slipping on my weekly review process, woops. I'm going to do it though, and I'm going to keep doing it until it's a habit.

Time Spent by the Numbers

I fucked up on tracking last week. Big time. I tracked 32:45 of 168 hours, which is just under 20% of my time logged. That doesn't even include the time I'm working on this post right now, just to show how bad I'm doing with tracking right now.

Of the time tracked:

0 Sleep 0.00
3:12 General Organizational State 1.90
0:16 Reading internets 0.16
1:31 Lunch 0.90
0:24 Habit Forming and Management 0.24
4:55 DnD night at work 2.93
10.30 All Time Tracked Time%
06:39 tasks related to Datacenter Failover strategies 3.96
0:45 Scheduled Meetings 0.45
3:28 tasks related to monitor and on-call training 2.06
2:40 Unscheduled Meetings 1.59
0:11 tasks related to internal Node.js packages 0.11
1:29 Checking Email 0.88
0:06 tasks related to Release Process 0.06
23.93 Work Time Tracked Time%

Interesting things I learned or read

I didn't do too much reading last week; I have a bunch of things on my reading list that I need to chew through this week, so next week should be a fat set of materials.

Looking Ahead

Man. I really have to get better at clocking. I have Tasker logging metrics from my phone, such as when I leave work and home, GPS logs, and IP address; I'm planning to set up a system which SCPs that data to my server, which then processes them and pulls them in to an Org mode file which I can use to infer clocking. Along those lines, I'm planning to set up a Tasker scene to allow me to quickly capture, since I can't really get Mobile Org to work reliably right now.

I have a tonne of plans this week for personal development projects, and personal upkeep, I need to use this week as a perfect example of how to clock well, so that I can look ahead and feel comfortable with it.

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