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Weekly Review 2015-Mar-13

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I'm going to start trying to do more of these, in the vein of Sacha Chua's. It gives me a sort of impetus to be better about tracking my time, about logging my work, and thinking and introspecting about myself and my life. My hope ismidnfulhis leads me to being more mindful about what I'm up to, as well as providing me with a good log of how my time is going. The tough part about doing these for me is going to be balancing the verbosity of introspecting my work and pushing too much information publicly. I don't work at an open source company any more where I can get away this any more. So these posts may end up in two parts, one that gets rendered to the blog, and one that just sits in my ~/org along with the rest of my life. I'm making a personal promise to myself to make a habit of writing these for the next month, once a week, and then a monthly review. If any value comes from them, I will continue them.

This was a very interesting week. Work was stressful (how do I quantify that?), personal life was up and down but there were some bright spots:

Time Spent by the Numbers

This week, I tracked 52:56 of 168 hours, which is just over 30% of my time logged. That includes the time I've spent so far on working on this post.

Of the time tracked:

7:30 Sleep 4.46
6:53 General Organizational State 4.10
6:49 Reading internets 4.06
3:37 tasks related to Body computing System 2.15
2:16 Lunch 1.35
1:37 Habit Forming and Management 0.96
0:18 tasks related to Freestyle Emacs and Tooling stuff 0.18
29.00 All Time Tracked Time%
5:45 General Time Spent 3.42
5:21 tasks related to Datacenter Failover strategies 3.18
4:17 Scheduled Meetings 2.55
3:07 tasks related to monitor and on-call training 1.86
2:10 Unscheduled Meetings 1.29
1:43 tasks related to internal Node.js packages 1.02
0:34 Checking Email1 0.34
0:59 tasks related to Release Process 0.59
23.93 Work Time Tracked Time%

Of note:

Interesting things I learned or read

Looking Ahead

I have been working on updating internal Node 0.10 projects to npm2 and making steady headway on getting iojs 1.4 in to production. Next week I'd like to make headway on that, even though I'm planning to push off the hard deadline that I pushed.





I think a lot of this falls in to Organization state, which I need to be sure that I spend less time in since it's a black box.


More on this later; I'm archiving everything of value that I own, in short, including digital assets like that.

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