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ERC Filtering for Sanity

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Hipchat's XMPP gateway throws away a lot of useful context when it comes to handling automated messages from e.g. Nagios and build systems. I recreate the most important of these, Nagios alert coloring, with this modify hook, which match regular expressions and apply a face to the entire line. A big hammer, but it works for this screw.

During a huge outage situation, I often find myself overwhelmed by the torrent of incoming alerts, and having the ability to filter them out and focus directly on the conversations that are occurring is the best way to handle them. In situations like these, I can just do M-x toggle-filter-nagios to temporarily quash any Nagios messages from being pushed in to my ERC buffers.

These two functionalities are bit brutish but show a good example of how to do erc-insert hooks to modify and quash incoming text.

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