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Gnus Subject Munging for Great Threading

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Gnu's threading is pretty basic, but it's thankfully easy to change it with a wee-bit of elisp.

Start with injecting a custom substitution in to gnus-simplify-subject-functions; this is a list of functions that every subject line gets run through to filter down in to a string that can be matched for threading.

Our function takes a list of regular-expressions and runs each of them against the string, in series, and finally returns the string at the very end.

(setq gnus-simplify-subject-functions '(rrix/gnus-simplify-phab-headers
            rrix/gnus-simplify-phab-headers-list '("\\[Differential\\]"
            "\\[Commented On.*\\]"
            "^\ [0-9] "))

            (defsubst rrix/gnus-simplify-phab-headers (subject)
            "Remove Phabricator headers from subject lines."
            (let ((transformed-subject subject))
                  (dolist (regex rrix/gnus-simplify-phab-headers-list)
                  (setq transformed-subject (replace-regexp-in-string regex "" transfsubj)))

Pretty simple stuff, it took me about an hour to find this stuff, and I feel like it may be useful for others going forward.

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