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Every Day Carry 2014

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A fun sub-community of reddit is the one that just posts pictures of what they carry every day. I took some time to unpack my bag the other day and posted one myself:

Rings 0/1/2

Ring 3

I'm usually on-call, which means I always have to have some sort of tech that'll get me online to address a faulty system. As such, I generally have a laptop or something with a hardware keyboard on it. Not optimal, but it's the life I've chosen.

Ring 0/1/2

Ring 1 is when I'm stepping out to run errands, Ring 2 is when I'm going out for the day but will be home in the evening if I actually want my laptop to work on side-projects. Keep it light and simple.

Common to both rings (Ring 0)#

Ring 1##

Ring 2#

Ring 3

I often stay with friends in the city, since it's basically impossible to get to where I live after midnight without the help of a taxi or Uber or so, plus sleep overs, man.

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