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Back in the Saddle

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As my dear friend Cecil Palmer would say… Helloooooo listeners.

With that out of the way, I feel like I owe a lot of people an apology: I've abdicated on a lot of promises I've made in the handful of open source communities I've been involved with in the last year or so. Given a limited amount of bandwidth, I chose to not focus on certain things. The problem was that I failed to delegate those tasks to people more interested in them than I. I still own Fedora packages and have a few outstanding patches in other projects and they've largely come to be unmaintained :( Let's fix that.

The last month or so has had a huge change in my life; I've been let go from Storehouse as a mutual understanding that I wasn't contributing enough to the team to be considered a valuable part of said team. I'm not going to say that I am not responsible for those failings – I am. However, burnout is a real thing, a real problem that cannot simply be ignored by your product managers and upper management. As one of a few people building a great project, I was drowning in an order of magnitude more work than I could reliably deliver, and as a result deadlines and promises slipped, I became unmotivated, stressed and depressed. This downward spiral is known to any who have experienced burnout in the past. I can only hope that in the future two things improve: 1) I am more willing to be vocal about my burnout, workloads and interests and 2) that my team is more mature and able to handle the work load that is being delivered to it without draining the engineering to the point where they don't want to get out of bed.

I've taken this week to triage a lot of my personal projects, to figure out my priorities and goals and to begin looking for a new job. If you're looking to hire someone who's passionate about Rails development, or Infrastructure and Continuous Deployment, or even hacking on Open Source, please take this, and reach out to me. I'd love to talk with you about any of those things at length :) In the mean time, I'm doing looking of mine own, and getting back in to the swing of Fedora (and maybe KDE!) contribution in both engineering and community roles. First order of business is updating PokerTH in f20 and 19 tonight, based on changes in rawhide from lmacken. Thanks Luke :) I'm also pretty sure I own MLT and Kdenlive in RPMFusion, God knows those great little tools could use some love. If there's anything in Fedora land you feel that I'm responsible for, again, don't hesitate to contact me.

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