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resolving to get my life together

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It's the time of the year where we as Americans make promises we hope to fulfill. Mine seem pretty reasonable, so here they are to keep me accountable.

No Debt

The last year's been pretty rough on me, in terms of my ability to manage money. I've spent a lot of nights hungry, and many more sleeping on couches because of the choices I made. I also have made poor decisions regarding a few large debts that have been hanging over my head. Between a big check coming, and a few months of saving, I can pay off all of my debts pretty easily. I'm really thankful that Im in a position to do that, because not everyone is. Hell, a quarter ago I wasn't.

Enough in Savings to move

T, Teapot and I are all basically of the opinion that we don't want to stay in San Bruno, much preferring the sunset neighborhood near either the N Judah or L Taraval MUNI lines. Moving in SF is a really difficult process and is really only easily handled with savings. I'd like to have a bunch of money in savings to make this easier when the time comes, whether that is 9 months from now or

Build a credit history

This one is kind of tough; the debt mentioned above has done a fucking number on my credit, but I really need to start working on getting my shit backin shape. Bank of America has offered me a credit-card-esque that I should probably dig in to and figure out if it actually makes sense. God knows I'll need to if I ever want an apartment of my own.

Finish and release two open source projects

I have a problem with getting to MVP or bored with a project and just throw it away to work on something "more interesting". This year I plan to release two personal projects, I'm not entirely sure which two, but I have a few that I could get working and release, along the lines of my change of scenery.

Keep my job at Storehouse

This sounds ridiculous, but then we remember that I'm only 21 and just entered the workforce a few years ago, and haven't ever really held a job for a long time. College and HeatSync has taught me a lot of bad work habits that I've had to work really hard to break, but with any luck, it'll mean that I can act like a fucking adult with regards to working.

I really love what we're doing at Storehouse and plan to keep doing this for as long as I fucking can. :)

sleep before midnight

This one is tough, i'm a super bad night owl. Part of fixing my work habits mean getting to work earlier than I have been, which means going to bed earlier. I find myself staring at a computer way too late, which is the main reasonI bought a Kindle Paperwhite – the e-ink display will most definitely help keep me from tricking my brain in to thinking it's noon. I'll be killing my internet usage an hour before eI plan to go to bed, and use the time as a chancee to clean, prepare a breakfast and other random bullocks. I've been reading a lot about how to build a good ops culture in a company, and generally how to grow in more than technical fashions.

Drink less

I've got in to the habit of social drinking, and it's not quite my favorite. My annoying personality becomes more annoying when I'm drunk, which is unfortunate. Anywas, it's part of a set of goals to just be more healthy in general.

Go back to AZ more often

I didn't go back to Arizona for eight months this year, and got really homesick. Going back quartery or every other month or so won't be difficult financially, and will keep me from wanting to spend a week or so catching up with friends and eating delicious food.

Cut down on digital overload

I spend a lot of bandwidth ignoring things, as strange as that sounds. I'm subscribed to way too many mailing lists in FOSS-land that I never read, way too many IRC channels I just ignore, many documents and shit that I just save to have around. It's kind of over the top, and I need to take care of it. I parted a lot of channels I don't care about last night, realizing that they were all publicly logged if I ever needed to grep logs for anything. Win!

Also, I don't need to go full-GTD, but making sure my inbox doesn't get out of hand will be really nice. I need to fix my damn sieve filters, too, and be more of an asshole about blackholing spam that I don't care about.

Write more for the sake of writing

I do enjoy writing, but it's oftentimes less important than the fifty other things on my plate at a given time. I'd like to get more writing done, whether that is here or in a more private journal type of setting. Probably a little bit of both, but I have a lot of trouble articulating my thoughts clearly and practice on that could and will do me a lot of good.

Complete the Change of Scenery

I'm fairly certain that the majority of the apps I run on my phone are available outside of Play. This is Good(tm). I'm going to perform a full audit of exactly what goes where, but it should be pretty do-able to get my phone running nothing from Google, and storing data in mostly self-hosted services or otherwise paid and trustworthy systems.

As for my laptop situation, I'm still planning on converging. Indeed, this post is being written on the tf700 I picked up from sellout.woot, since tdfischer's laptop is currently indisposed and she's actually working on productive things. There should be a way to get Active running on this thing, and I plan to try when I have a machine back and feel less bad about breaking this.

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