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"An Afternoon with Python and the Return of Blogmarks"

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For the last few weeks I've been using Evernote and some IFTTT to replace my mess of bookmarking, time logging and note taking utilities that I've previously been using, based primarily on vim-wiki.

One of the things that I've been meaning to do is to get a bunch of my links out on to my blog such that I can find them in the future, and they can be indexed by google – previously I would use "site:rix.si foo" queries to find previously linked content. So, I dug in to the Evernote API this afternoon and whipped up a nice script based on the idea behind this Techcrunch disrupt hackathon entry.

The end result is over here on GitHub, and you can see the result in posts like this. I'm pretty happy with the results, feel free to take it for a spin yourself; Evernote makes it really simple to clip content and save it for later, and this should serve as a nice reminder to get me to read more things that I come across during my work day.

As I write more of it for dayjob and freetime, Python is becoming a language I can enjoy more; I need to dig more in to python3, though, I'm kind of writing a LOT of python 2 stuff right now, which I'm not entirely pleased about. :(

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