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Hacking Hackerspaces' Infrastructure Part 1: HslLock

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infrastructure that is really cool. Our space is fairly network-connected, with external services that expose the status of our doorlock systems, who's on the network and whether the space is open, as well as the ability to post to a sign that is hosted inside the space from twitter or other services. As one of HSL's chief infrastructure nerds, I want to make those as easy to digest as possible. I've mentioned for a while now, but have never actually showed off or blogged about, our space's door lock system, and the EnyoJS application I wrote to make it happen.

![HslLock in its current state](/images/hsllock.png)

It's always been our goal to make the space's resources easily accessible in a fairly standard way. Back in the day, I worked on HSM but lost steam on that fairly quickly due to a bunch of bad politics. Will and I are working on spinng that project back up, slowly but surely. In the mean time, I've been working on smaller infra projects in the space since then, such as HslLock.

HslLock was designed to make our old interface, which was just a simple HTML form, easy to use from a handheld device, specifically since one of our members was very good at losing his RFID card and would use the web interface to enter the space. Basically, it ties in to that same web interface's backend but it's all Javascript. Using Enyo let us throw together a quick example of how it could work, and then roll with it. It's now stable and in local beta on webOS and Android, and we're working on cleaning up an iOS beta release right now.

It started with that, but I'm currently integrating other parts of our SpaceAPI endpoint, and other spaces' spaceAPI endpoints as well.

All of this work is open source and awesome. It's just one example of what can be done with awesome communities like those in the hackerspace world and with a really great Javascript framework like enyoJS.

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