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New Beginnings

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So, it's been a wild couple of weeks mostly due to situations unfortunately outside of my control, but has proven to be super exciting, nonetheless.

I began to feel a few weeks ago like RebelHold was not going in the same direction that I was going in the long term. This was only reinforced when Bob took me off of the only project that was consistently making us money. So I turned around and registered a new LLC to cover the things that I want to do, and quickly found work of my own with the help of Blaine.

And thus Zelos Development, LLC came to be a legal entity in the state of Arizona.

As long as it is just me under the LLC, I won't be creating a dedicated site for it, or anything, simply making an About Me section more prominent and updating the content of the static pages on this site. I figure it would be a good excuse to move towards more exciting platforms than rails in a dedicated and obvious manner. I had been planning on trying to get Rebel(hold|outpost) more involved in Mobile development, but I think that I was the only one on the team that truly felt like cross platform javascript applications were something that would be a Good Thing for us, except for Ricky who is/was leaving anyways.

I'm not bitter about the situation, but I can't help but feel like I'd been used after putting in 60+ hour weeks delivering our last project (and of course only billing 32 hours per standard Rebelhold practices for apprentices). It'll be a great thing for me in the long term, I'm already looking at some exciting options/ideas for more work in the near and long term, things that I would have had trouble pulling off were I not currently working on my own.

I'll also be moving today/tomorrow with any luck. The situation at home has been… stressful for a while now and finally boiled over in a spectacular fashion, much like it did… almost exactly a year ago. It doesn't help that there's also no air conditioning in the house for the … fourth time? I'll be moving in with Nate and Jen from HeatSync, so it'll be super exciting to live with hackers again. Nate's been building high power rockets with me for a few months now and is honestly better at it than I am :) Plus I think they might have a cat, so that'll be a nice bonus.

All in all, the next few months will be really really really fucking exciting. I have work, I have my passion for hacking back, I'm learning new things, and I'm coming to terms with some personal problems I have had for most of my life.

I tweeted a few weeks back that 2013 will be my year, I still stand by that. 2012 is about building foundations, and getting ready to take things to a new height.

I am fucking ready. :)

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