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I'm so Web2.0+!

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So, this weekend, I rebuilt my blag using the Foundation.css design library. It's a pretty cool framework, and heavily stresses THE GRID. I had basically reached the point where there were too many sites that were just deploying Twitter Bootstrap and were done with it. I didn't want to be one of those, and so, even though I'd already customised my bootstrap CSS to have that HeatSync Labs-ish orange and grey branding, I decided to tear it all out. Unless you're using an RSS reader, you can see the results live. I'm still in the midst of it, but it's a good start. I'll probably add something to the left sidebar, but this is the current state, as of now.

I was tempted to dive in to the TRON-esque blue on black, as I don't feel like riding the HeatSync Labs branding is something that I should be doing long term, diluting both my brand and the Lab's. That will probably be a version 2.0 of the site's design, and shouldn't be too hard to implement. The nice thing about Foundation is that it's all written in Plain-Old CSS, which means no hacking around on LESS or even the compiled output of Twitter Bootstrap's LESS. vomit. Another nice thing about this redesign, is that I decided to play with colorfont.js, which you can see if you're using a browser which supports webfonts. Basically it lets you do cool artsytype things with dual-color fonts using only CSS.


Basically, the redesign was an experiment in "can Ryan design a website in a weekend?" I daresay the answer is "yes, to some extent, if you call this design…"

On a mostly related note (Web stuff, web web wob brbrbrbr), I've now been employed as an apprentice with Rebelhold for about a month now. They're a fine bunch of chaps, and we're working on a lot of cool projects, so I have a lot of hope for where the next few years takes us. We're still a mostly-new development house in the valley, but we're taking on a lot of contracts and are poised to be one of the top Ruby on Rails houses in the valley if we keep our current pace. And past Rails, Rebelhold has plans and goals to do a lot of work in the community past awesome Ruby development. We provide training, as an employee I get Google-esque 20% time to work on awesome stuff (hi blog redesign!) and the prospect of working on projects outside of Rails contract work in the future. Plus the pay isn't too bad ;) It's exciting times, and I'll be sure to keep you update on where that goes in the near and long term future.

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