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SocialStack, because the bubble hasn't burst yet

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So, Instagram. One billion dollars, in 551 days of existence. As if this Web2.0 Social+ bubbles wasn't inflated enough! There's still plenty of bubble riding to be had, it seems, and it's easy to do. The latest craze has been cloud computing – Just throw up some VMs and you've got a cloud! Everyone's doing it, and it's the new hotness.

However, the hardest issue of creating a cloud is picking a name which properly displays the qualities of your cloud. Is it focused on scalability? Social integration? Mobile app hosting? Pushing the Web2.0+ bubble to Web3.0?

Picking these features is the hardest part of getting your cloud up and running, the rest is just spinning up some VMs. However, I've just deployed a service which will revolutionize the Cloud, SocialStack. Basically, you let the cloud generate your ideas, whether you're focusing on social, app, scaling, mobile or 2.0, it's simple to pick your product's next feature set! Many of today's most successful clouds have started on SocialStack, and you could be next!

In all seriousness, I find it awkward that more than a trivial amount of SocialStack random names are actual projects/products. It's a little bit endemic of the buzzword strewn world we live in now, and just goes back to how diluted and meaningless "cloud" really is.

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