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<@rrix> So, I'm perturbed. I've been really wistful the last two weeks, been wandering around ASU campus, going to old haunts, hanging out on the top of old parking structures <@rrix> Figured out that they mostly coincide, to the day, of when my last real ex and I went to all of these places <@rrix> and it got me thinking of that relationship <@rrix> And about how I still have feelings for her

So, it's the time of the year where I'm wistful and blah. I find it hard that someone so comfortable with being alone can feel so angsty about it. I guess it's just the whole coming of spring bullshit I always end up dealing with. Talking with Cait just makes things seems weirder, especially as we start trying to rebuild a friendship.

Hopefully things don't get weird again.

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