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Moved to Jekyll

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So, after watching my previous blag installation get pummelled by over 1000 spam posts that akismet seemed content to ignore, I decided to give up and disable comments on my posts. Shortly after I did that, Byron berated me for using Wordpress and told me that he'd raise my pay if I moved away from Wordpress.

Your move, buddy ;)

I just set up a minimal jekyll-bootstrap, turned it in to a git repo on my server and imported my previous blog posts from Wordpress. Jekyll's built in migrator didn't work, so I had to use ExitWP to dump the posts to Markdown, and still had to do some hand cleanup after the fact. But things should be working now. I've also added my feed back on to Planet KDE since I apparently did not update it while I was moving things around and the kde sysadmin team had to disable it. Sorry guys :(

I guess I also owe the blog an update about life, since I miserably failed at my Project 365, too.

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