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Because I've not been making enough lately ....

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Turns out twelve hour shifts, six days a week is a lot of work. Its been stressful, but learning how to deal with real people and stand my ground has been a good experience for me. Also so much overtime.

However with that much work, I've not had much time for the most important thing in my life: Doing Awesome Shit. So lately I've done some. I have about an hour and a half throughout my day for lunches and breaks. I've invested it in two things, one of which I'll blag about another time. One, however is:


I've been getting in to chiptunes! I decided that I needed something to do that was productive and creative, and had always wanted to start making beautiful chipmusic, so I put a hundred dollars into an original gameboy and an lsdj cart from kitsch-bent and dove in. I produced a few nice melodies, nothing worth sharing, but discovered the coolest hack in that a PS/2 keyboard can be used as a synth when soldered on to a gamelink cable.

so today I got a gamelink cable and soldered it on to a PS/2 keyboard. I also modded an led and switch in to gameboy for extra hack.

expect cool tunes here soon….

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