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The Platform has Been Burned

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Well, HP. What can I say. You've proven that you are far less capable of properly managing a mobile company than even Palm could. Palm, who sat on the aging Garnet for 5 years before webOS was released. Palm who almost-but-not-quite released a plethora of devices. Palm who had great ideas but lacked the capital to properly implement them. You gave the TouchPad six weeks to live, and when it didn't instantly take off you jumped ship and left a small but loyal developer community hurting. The mobile industry is hard, and we don't want to make the investment to actually be successful. This 1.2 BILLION dollar acquisition will now produce software, and hopefully we can pawn it off on some poor sap of a company who still trusts us to follow through.

Yeah, guys, good luck with that.

HTC or Samsung might have had you not burned the platform before trying to hand it off. No one will invest in the platform (either through purchase or license) after you proved how incapable you are of properly managing a mobile company. No one.

You panicked because of googrola, you panicked because after SIX weeks of pushing a new device it wasn't doing as well as you think it should have (because you didn't invest, because you didn't promote) and you gave up. You've burned webOS far worse than Elop even could with meego.

Shame on you. Shame on you, more than anything else, for not handling this situation in a mature fashion. Shame on you for not telling your own employees or the suppliers ballsy enough to support you guys even though you refused to support them. Shame on you for screwing over your shareholders for theoretic short term gains.

Incidentally your stock price dropped 20% yesterday between this debacle and dumping your PC line; you've really shown a lack of foresight and willingness to fight to succeed.


Firesales. Everywhere. I feel so dirty doing it, but I just got a 16GB touchpad for 100$. If you want one, you should do the same, call Sales, go on amazon, they're going to be flying off the shelves. 2000 sold in the last hour, 100 sold while I was on the phone buying mine.

If you want a nice, hackable device, with a nice hackfriendly homebrew community, DO IT. Preware isn't going anywhere, and you can do cool things like Xorg and running Chroots. Just don't complain if you do. Research and decide. HP doesn't want them, but the community is willing to support it.

Freaking depressing that there will probably be more sales tonight than in the first six weeks of the touchpad's life. Fuh-reaking depressing. If I keep the first one (ie, Fry's doesn't take my money back), I'll be hacking the latter and trying to get Plasma Active on it. I'll probably do that anyways.

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