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SELF 2011 Day 1

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After hiding in my room most of last night because I was too damn tired to be awake and a member of any sort of gathering taking place last night, I slept most of today today because ALSA can't be trusted with my alarm clock ;) Wandered downstairs to hang out with Ruth at the OpenSource.com booth, because we didn't have a Fedora booth at the time. After a few hours of that, I got snuck in to the Speaker's dinner as a guest and had … vegan noms. It was… interesting. Being vegan wouldn't be as hard as it seemed like but I love meat. I really do. :(

And… now I'm hanging out waiting for the AWESOME OpenSource.com party to start. Those OSDC people rock, every time I go to an event in the last six months, I get to watch people get incredibly inebriated thanks to the OSDC team ;)

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