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Call for ideas - Again

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So, it's 2am, and I'm looking at the list of ideas for Fedora's GSoC application, and I'm kinda depressed by it. I can't imagine that there are so few projects withing Fedora that people want/need to see done. I know that sounds overtly negative, but we have all of ten ideas on that page right now, and that's kinda not as much as I, or anyone, would like to see. We have to have our org application submitted in less than a month, and I want to see Fedora with a strong application.

Your ideas don't have to be strictly related to Fedora. Any ideas that would benefit Fedora, even upstream, would be a good thing to add to this list. So, please, don't hesitate to add your pet feature or idea to the list. Mentoring does not take a lot of time or work, and it pays off enormously. Not only for us, but for some student who may or may not have been previously involved in FOSS.

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