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Joined The Hackerspace

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Forget you people who spent your Valentine's day with the sig0, I Did Awesome:


I've been doing a lot less software and a lot more hardware lately.

It distances me from the drama in both of the communities I actually care about, and gives me a chance to learn something new and play with something I have never actually touched. I've also used the last few weeks to get involved more and more in the local hackerspace, HeatSync Labs. We're doing a lot of cool stuff, and after spending about six months freeloading on their space and the brains of their hackers, I decided to become a member. Gives me a chance to get involved in a local community, doing a lot of Awesome Stuff. The local Tech community needs a lot of love, and I feel like HeatSync is the group best suited to delivering that Love right now.

Plus it gives me the chance to hack on some AR projects I want to play with. :) And do TRON LARPing :P

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