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Dysart USD Embraces FOSS -- Now What

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So, it looks like one of Phoenix's School Districts is beginning to embrace FOSS. This is awesome!

I had, er, mixed experiences with FOSS when I went to school in Deer Valley Unified School district (Phoenix is large enough to warrant many school districs, unlike other, smaller, towns) which mostly ended with me being banned from the school's networks for using GNU/Linux based systems when they didn't expect, nor seemed to be trained in how to handle GNU/Linux in their frontend. Oh well, I'm at ASU now, and it seems like we're doing some things right. Some of the things that Deer Valley USD's representative had to say about Linux adoption more or less mmirrors this:

The neighboring Deer Valley Unified School District uses Linux on a number of its servers, but uses Microsoft Windows on its student computers. "If we were to lose funding we could still use our existing software," said Heidi Vega, a grant writer with the Deer Valley Unified School District. "We would just need to wait for funding to return before we could upgrade to the newest version of Office."

Sigh, okay. At least some schools in Phoenix are starting to embrace FOSS as more than a tool to run their backends with, and I applaud Dysart for taking an innovative turn in a state that has always been dominated by proprietary software companies (Microsoft currently, but I went to elementary school surrounded by Mac OS 9 and X machines). I begin to wonder if there is a place in Teaching OpenSource for them and other K12's?

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