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So, I think that I'm going to start working my way towards becoming a DM in Dungeons and Dragons. The more I think about it, rather than waiting to find a party to join, I'd rather work with the folks that I know would be interested in starting a party. Amber, Brandon, Kat and Kevin have already expressed interest in starting a party with me, and a party of four seems like a good start to any adventure.

But damn, it looks like it'll be a lot of work. How to be a DM is a good introduction to DM'ing, it looks like, and it sounds like a huge task, but a do-able task nonetheless. And a fun one once we get over the initial learning curve and dive in :) And I'll probably pick up a set of rulebooks and then grab digitals of them off the internets and start learning how to DM.

It will be a good chance for me to improve on my fiction skills as well as giving myself the chance to develop some stories I've played with in my mind for a while, and it'll be hella fun :)

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