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Cha cha cha changes in my getting-things-done habits

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So, next semester is getting closer and closer, and I'd like to start to change my computer workflow to something a little bit more sustainable, and a little bit moreintegrated with my life, and makes it easier for me to keep track of crap, since that seems to be the biggest issue with my Getting Things Done this semester.

Enter Media Wiki and Semantic Media Wiki

Semantic MediaWiki is pretty freaking cool. I've been playing with it a lot lately, in my quest to map ASU's campus of all the cool crap there is to find, and trying to decide all of the awesome ways it could be tied in to Fedora's infrastructure, and the rest of my working and personal life. The Feora stuff can come a different day, today I'm in the mood to talk about one of my goals for next smester: completely, or nearly completely, transfer my PIM data to a hybrid public/private media Wiki install with all of the semantic bits playing nicely. it'll be an interesting challenge, but a few people have raved of the benefits of making their todo list public, let's see if it helps me GTD.


This should be roughly do-able, using either the built-in mediawiki RSS or possibly writing a Semantic RSS plugin which snarfs posts from some query and presents them as an RSS feed. Commenting would come for free on the posts' talk pages, and uploading media is incredibly easy with Media Wiki. Of course, we then lose some of the benefits of WordPress (my current Blog platform), like a desktop client, my current cool theme, the various social plugins, etc… I donno, sounds like a 50-50 tradeoff to me.


SMW kicks some butt in this area, I think. There is an iCal Export model plugin for SMW query results as well as a calendar visualization so that all I have to do is tag pages with dates, and they will show up on both of these. The only problem is that right now the iCal is readonly. So, I can view the PIM in Kontaxt, but I have to open the browser to change any PIM data. Subpar, but gains the benefits of easily sharing events, etc… If I could figure out some sort of abstraction that let me edit the events, it would be ++awesome.


This is where MediaWiki kicks ass, of course. Plain Old Text.


Whyyyy would I have this stuff public? :P


Should also probably keep these private, though it would be nice to have some sort of integration… Will think about this some more, later.

Where to?

I've been thinking of what I'd lose; Desktop integration is the biggest loss to me, and the most important. I've been thinking just as much, as a result, on brainstorming some kind of API for MediaWiki, either in KDE or Qt (perhaps under Project Silk?), In the end, I'd like for it to be painfully easy to write MediaWiki enabled applicatons. I'm also brainstorming, still, how this all fits in with KDE's Context and Activities shinies that are slowly but surely falling in to their places.

What do you think? Any tips, hints? think I'm insane?

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