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wearing myself too thin

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Don't have much to blag about right now, though I feel that I should blag.

It's been a wild week… Started off by having a bit of a breakdown over the weekend, culminating in me simply disappearing during my work meeting at the top of Life Sciences… While the sunset from the top of the entire campus was simply beautiful, I feel really bad for ditching out on my work duties this week. It was necessary for my sanity, but it came at the worst possible time, when we've got a lot of stuff in the tubes. I feel like I've let down the team, especially Mel.

I wish that this week wasn't a breakdown week for me, but a lot of good stuff happened, alongside the brakdown. Since Thursday was Vet's day, I had a supremely non-classfilled week after Tuesday. I went to an ACLU dotrights party, where I met a lot of people who cared about some thing that I also cared deeply about. Plus the CS gang was all there. :)

That night, I also met some new friends, Kat and Nat, in ASU's Secret Garden, tucked away between two buildings and only accessible via small passageways under buildings. We ended up spending pretty much the next few days together, though I had another bit of a moment when I simply left Friday morning at 3am, without saying a word save asking Prescott to make sure my blanket wound up somewhere safe. Not sure why I did that, or what it accomplished, but Adam and I had a really nice talk at BYENG…

Spent the last few days with dad, mostly away from the computer. Twas nice, I hadn't seen him in so long. Went to the NASCAR truck race, and the ASU v. Stanford football game.

I really shouldn't be wearing myself as thin as I am, but what can I do? I have so much on my plate,and something in my psyche keeps wanting me to pile on more goodies to eat. or choke on. I feel like I should consider starting 365 Project, or something. I usually end up at wonderful picture opportunities, so maybe it would be a quickeasy thing to do? Makes me want a new camera… mmm, n900, or even something more DSLR'y…?

Here's to friends and the future, and my sanity. I've had a more eventful seven days, than I have the last few weeks. Here's to a nice calm week ahead, God knows I need it.

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