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UTOSC and stuff

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Dude, I haven't blogged at all.

I have pictures and stuff, but I'm not in the mood to go find my camera in my mess of a room.

So… yeah, UTOSC. Robyn and I left bright and early after the now-infamous lunch with Smooge. It was cool, I even got the quickie tour of Vegas! Wooh, shinies! So, after arriving at sunny moon-y, Sandy Utah, bright and early at, oh, 3:30am, I sidled up and caught up on email while waiting for the Californians to arrive, Karsten, Larry, Larry's sig0 and their childrens. I got to meet MOAR contributors for the first time, including Larry who I was afraid to meet, because he would punch me for being so mean to him :) So, yay, contributor meetings! At 4am! They had slept, but I had not, so I decided "to hell with it, I'll pull an all nighter!" and after a breakfast of meeting our shiny new FPL, Jared, we left for the venue, Salt Lake Community College's Miller Campus, located, like, über close to the hotel with the AWESOME suite that Jared upgraded himself and I in to. :)

And then chaos ensued. :) I didn't have Jeremy's phone number and had no idea what would be happening, so began to COMPLETELY stress about that. Thankfully, Chani saved me with a mobile number :) and jp is on the way. And my harddrive dies. WTF. FAIL. EPIC FAIL. STRESS MOAR. OMG MY SLIDES. STRESS STRESS. BACKUP AT HOME. NEAR BREAKDOWN. FAIL.

Oh, and UTOS, the sly dogs they are, put us next to GNOME, who had a freaking awesome booth setup. Next time, we harass Alex for the pseudo-boothbox, so we don't have to rely solely on the awesomeness of KDE screenshots to survive, even though it's easily enough to compete with GNOME stickers ;)

We hung out for the day until I went back to the hotel to crash for a while, since I was, like, operating for 36 straight hours. fail. Before the last call of UPS shipping, I had my roommate overnight me my backup. He made it in time, and rocks.

The next day I completely over reacted on the lack of sleep. I woke up at about 10:30 to check if my drive had arrived, then each hour afterwards until about 2pm, when UPS finally dropped it off, at which point I headed to SLCC and began to rsync my backup.

After it restored, I had a working system, which is strange since it wasn't really ext4 spitting errors, but ata, making me think the drive had completely died. Oh well, I'm back in business :) Karsten's keynote was pretty freaking awesome, which was, like the only talk I saw that day, since I had arrived so late.

After the talks, I attended the SLC LaunchUp event, where they raffled away (much to my distaste, and a few others according to the reaction to my tweet on the twitter stream being displayed in the auditorium between sessions) an iPad and other Apple products. At an Open Source conference. :

At this point, I held the Campus Ambassadors BoF, which was attended by Robyn and a guy from U Colorado, whose name I lost :( … And I think Jake Edge from LWN was there, but that entire day is a blur to me; Hi Jake! :) We had some great ideas, and I think they will begin to coalesce in to something awesome in the back of my mind; I'll blag about that shortly :)

Then was IgniteSLC, my first Ignite event. It was pretty awesome, and completely freaking entertaining. Some of the best quotes were livedented by Robyn since I forgotted most of them; I kinda wish the IgniteSLC slides were online because they had quite possibly some of the best pictures accompanying the quotes:

We also had the awesomest FUDCon idea ever: UTOSC had a Nacho bar between LaunchUp and Ignite, which is TOTALLY FREAKING FULL OF FREAKING NACHOEY GUACAMOLEY WIN. To say the least. So Fedora may have a Bacon bar, which would be totally better.

So yeah, then there was the Geek dinner, at, ironically, Texas Roadhouse. Noms and stuff. I was so freaking full. And today was an actual wakeupearly day, but silly me set his three alarm clocks all incorrectly, causing him to arrive fashionably two hours late. i staffed the Fedora booth most of the day, except for the Balsa Glider competition, where the F-14 (fedora 14) flyer flown by Larry and myself did fairly well, but Karsten's flyer beat us all I think.

Then teardown, oh noes the sadness. :(

Now we're at the hotel, and I'm trying to figure out how these people are playing Settlers of Catan which is really confusing.

Then tomorrow Robyn and I leave bright and early for PHX. UTOSC was a really great show, altogether, and was really fun. Oh and I got two shiny new Novell bags, and a tee shirt to match my new Red Hat job :) Just gotta get the other stuff that I need first D:

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