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What an amazing summer

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The last blog post was about the end of summer. This blog post is about summer.

I passed Summer of Code's final evaluation. :) That doesn't mean my work is done, heck no! You guys can't get rid of me that easy! Who else will be the savior of Plasma</akademy joke>??

So, since my last post, I moved Plasma KPart to kdereview, and got a lot of wonderful feedback that I am still working on implementing. Once all of that is done, hopefully the API is sane enough that we can begin looking at moving the Part in to kdebase-runtime so that Apol and other interested developers can take advantage of (admittedly) the bulk of my SoC work. It's really nice stuff imo ;)

Outside of that, the applets still need a bit of love if they want to be accepted in to KDEPIM for the KDEPIM 4.6 release. There's a few issues going on behind the scenes and I am running circles around myself trying to solve some issues in the Plasma calendar dataengine, as well as some nasties in the events/todo applet. I may end up reimplementing that plugin from scratch, or something, iunno. It'll be done by 4.6 though, I promise ;) And Sebas is still ass-kicking on LionMail, I plan on getting with him soon when LionMail is in a position where I can help to give it that final push for also being included in 4.6 so that we can have a sexy Plasma-based Kontact summary page :)

Oh, and I don't think I blagged this, but Aaron added javascript support to the kpart! (big win!) so instead of providing a plasma-default-layoutrc, you provide javascript files in $appdata/plasma/layout/init/*.js, and they are automatically loaded by the shell when there is no appletsrc. Woo! I'm also working on documenting the work that has been done at this wiki page http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Plasma/ApplicationShell].

Google Summer of Code was a great chance for me to get my foot in the door in a number of places within KDE. I had been searching for a place to get involved inside of Plasma for a while, and this project more or less gave me the push that I needed to … become Plasma. :) It also brought me into the KDEPIM cabal ( ;) ), filled with an insane amount of talented developers and supreme butt-kickers. You guys rock. ;) Thanks everyone who helped me both directly and indirectly on my Summer of Code work this summer; I couldn't do it with out all of you, especially my mentor, Dr. Robert Marmorstein, the PIMSTER of Win, Thomas McGuire, and the entire Plasma team, y'all kick major butt ;)


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