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If you see less of me over the next few weeks, I can explain, I promise:


My dorm, Mr. Coffee, and my awesome roommate, Tyler

It kind of crept up on me, and I had no idea how much work it would be to move in. I moved the Plasma KPart to kdereview right before I moved and I really haven't had much time to hack on Plasma stuff since I settled in. That will begin to change as I get in to a good rhythm and figure out a schedule that works for me. Having the coffee pot automatically brew in the mornings will be a lifesaver ;)

College will be good for me though; I was never very IRL-social in high school, and already that has changed. No, I haven't been drunk the whole time since moving (or at all), but I have met a ton of interesting and awesome people, including my roommate and my two suitemates, and a few other special people, went to more school events than all of last year, got lost more than when I was in Europe and walked more miles than I have all last year, probably :P It's gonna rock!

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