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Three hundred and sixty five

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One year ago today, I joined the Fedora project. It's amazing what one year can do to a person, how much a person can grow, and mature.. in such a short period. A year ago, I was a fairly socially awkward penguin, a high school student who never really did much, and was bored. I was involved in FOSS solely as a user, a consumer.

Then things changed. I wanted a game, a silly little roguelike called IVAN, in Fedora, and was willing to take the plunge into the Packaging SIG to make it happen. That package didn't work out, unfortunately, due to a dead upstream, and many many bugs on recent compilers. But that was the norm for packaging… "It's a hard job, you may fail the first few times" etc etc… but eventually I did it, I was a Fedoran.

Then in September, and October, I wanted to see my new home represented at the conference I was playing a part in organizing, the Arizona Liberty and Business Experience. KDE already had representation at the conference in the form of the inimitable Aaron Seigo, but Fedora needed lurvin'. Unfortunately (for Fedora's ambassador program), Clint Savage (herlo) couldn't make it to Phoenix to represent us at the conference, and so I started down the path to getting involved in the non-code parts of Fedora starting with the ambassadors program.

Then I went to camp kde in January, introducing me to the awesome win that the KDE community is, and giving me the chance to celebrate my birthday with some of the coolest people I had ever met in Real Life. It was, really, my first interaction with people who could actually keep me … challenged, I guess is the word. They were, and still are, my peers.

This followed with an idea that a few of us had in #fedora-social, which grew into a Fedora marketing project eventually, tying me into that group, and eventually sending my way to Fedora's first marketing FAD. That was exciting, my first interaction in Real Life with many Fedorans. Wheee…

Summer of code, which has been an incredible way to mingle me deep inside of the Plasma and KDEPIM teams, rather than just being "that guy" who hung out in the quasi-secret twin channel of #kde-devel, never really doing anything inside of KDE.

Then akademy, which I am still mostly in shock from the awesomeness of :)

And now, here I am, wondering where the year has gone, and where the next will take me. Here's to two more awesome releases, guys :)

Oh, and Hi, Planet TOS! I'm _Ryan Rix, gonna be a student at ASU in a few days now… As you can see, I'm involved in the Fedora and KDE projects, and a bit in the TOS realm :)_

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Ryan Rix is a privacy rights advocate and net-art wannabe. Reach them on the Fediverse as @rrix@cybre.space, twitter as @rrrrrrrix, via email to ryan@whatthefuck.computer or on Facebook or on Matrix as @rrix:whatthefuck.computer.