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Well I'm standing on a corner, in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see... It's a Plasma::ScrollWidget, my lord!

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I like shiny things. Yes, I am one of those kind of geeks. Shiny == nom nom nom. With that out of the way, I really like the kinetic scrolling lists that you can find in various Plasma applets, as well.


Shinies. I liek dem.

However, when I went to replace the quick hack I had done of Plasma::GroupBox's (which was FUGLY, if I do say so myself) I realized that the class which Plasma uses to create those damn sexy kinetic scrolly packages of shiny, Plasma::ScrollWidget, was mostly undocumented in the apidox, and that there were no examples in kdeexamples (of any widgets for that matter, but that's another afternoon's blag post)…. Lack of documentation and examples sucks, dude. After rewriting the special dates applet, it looks mostly normal, except for the horizontal alignment crap I am too lazy to fix ;)


Did I mention how I liek shinies?

Alright! Shinies! and they don't look like they have alignment issues, so we won't think about them, at least in this blag post. Shhhhhh…. I don't have a problem.

Er, I'm rambling…

So, yeah, after rewriting the specialdates applet to be epic shiny, I tore the Plasma::ScrollWidget logic out of it, so that anyone who is interested (that's you, and you, and you, and that guy at the back of the room eating the snacks we laid out for the afterparty…) can take a look in kdeexamples, and add sexy kinetic scrolling to their applets. Which I recommend they do. I can recommend via stick-poking if they don't, too, just sayin'…. Get to the choppa, and make all your applets full of kinetic AWESOMENESS.

This post of related to a new directory in kdeexamples is brought to you by the insane, caffeine and Eagles fueled ramblings of a teenage KDE hacker….

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