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Good byes are always the hardest

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Conferences and sprints are always incredibly fun times for me. It's rare that I get to enjoy myself as much as I do as when I am around fellow Free Software developers, designers, marketers, etc… it's just … there's no word for it :) I never get that back home, there are really no intellectuals, no one to hack with, no one to go dancing with, no one that I really have fun with; but when I am around developers, whether they are Fedorans, KDEfolk, or even random developer folks I meet walking around Tempe, it's just a feeling of "i'm home."

I spent my 18th birthday in San Diego, California for Camp KDE. It was more or less a life changing experience to me, because it was the first developer event that I had attended, and it opened up an entire world for me, outside of Fedora. And it attached me like a leech to the KDE community's forearm, and eventually found my place among the KDE and Fedora communities. I met so many incredible people at Camp :) When I left camp, it was one of the hardest things for me; "I don't want to leave, there are so many incredible people here!"

And here I am, six months later, hanging out with those same incredible people, and so many new faces… And then seven short days later, it's gone, for another four, another six, another twelve months. Ouch. Last night I was up until 3am saying good bye, and, you know, it hurt. It hurt even worse than camp because they weren't new friends, they were real friends. A few more than others it hurt to say good bye to, but it was all really sad. It has been an amazing week, and I would rather it never stopped, even though I have had far too much fun this week and am ready to recuperate :)

I had an incredibly productive week, I got a boatload of work done, and I am full of energy to kick some serious tail. :) And there are quite a few new Fedora KDE users since Helio and I have been KICKING TAIL as well (mostly Helio, I just supplied the USB LEGO man most of the time ;) ). I got to meet my first non-marketing Fedoran in the form of Jaroslav Reznik of the KDE SIG, I got to dance holes into my socks, I got to karaoke with the best of them, I got to hack with the best of them, etc. It really was an amazing week, made even better by all the friends around me. :) Here's to Tokomak (if I am invited), or the next Akademy. I doubt I will make it to the next camp kde (sorry Troy :P ), for Fedora reasons, but hell, there will be plenty more, right? :)

Keep kicking tail, my fellow KDEfolk :)

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