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Akademy hackfest day 1

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Mmmm, sleep, that's all I can say about not having a specific time to wake up… Of course, Amarok and KAlarm still woke me up at 9am to the glory that is You Spin Me Right Round, by Dead or Alive… Ugh. :

And then after wandering around the hostel looking for the danged laundry machine, I headed over to Domola, our hackspace, for an aftermorning of hacking on Summer of Code goodness :) Progress! Also, sreich needs to talk to me at some point, I guess, i have a easter egg for him.

And then, plasma meeting, where I was elected savior of the Plasma team, and we had some good discussion about a lot of plasma-y stuff, twas good.

And now Nuno and Ivan are ranting about icons :)

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