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Akademy Day 1 and 2: Talks, tiredness, and second through fifth winds

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So, yesterday was the official start of akademy. After spending friday night in the park with some random guys, one of whom hack on Qt in the mobile space (welcome to Finland, I guess), and spending the evening with a bunch of us crammed at a table designed for half as many at a bar, the day of talks began bright and early, about 6 hours after the sun came up ;) Naturally I was tired… For some reason, in Finland I wake up when the sun comes up, but in Phoenix, I could sleep through the fracking apocalypse; I even slept through an earthquake when I was in San Diego once. So, yeah, that combined with far more socializing than I am used to is more or less putting a drain on me.

The day opened up with a cool MeeGo talk, motivating me enough to try to set up the MeeGo development environment, and to try to put together RPMs of the KDE Plasma Mobile Shell which could be deployed to MeeGo devices. Should be pretty cool. The MeeGo SDK wants to install to usr, using,more or less, tar, so uhm, no. :) I tried installing it to me /home development root, but it didn't seem to function so well, so oh fsck. I also mailed Peter Robinson about putting together a Fedora Classroom session to teach the basics of RPM packaging, with a bit of a meego touch to it, since he is the packager of the MeeGo UX in Fedora :)

I also managed to sleep through Artur's talk on plasma-mobile, which made me feel like a bit of a dork. :( Most of the other talks have been really awesome, and I'm sad that they had to occur in two tracks, meaning that there were lots of conflicts in what I was wanting to attend.

And then…. party. Chani, sandsmark and I stopped at a pizza joint near the club before hand and split two pizzas, and met the developer of Simon, the speech recognition program, so that was really cool. And then a few doors over, to the club. Wowies. I forgot how much fun dancing has been, it's been too long since I got to. Well, I mean, to dance music, not live 80s soft rock-ish bar bands, like was on the ferry from Stockholm to Tampere. When I got home at 2am, one of my socks had a hole in it. Oh and it was still light out at 2am, a nice twilight.

And today, MOAR TALKS. And I'm just as tired, even though I managed to only wake up at 8:30 instead of 4 and 6 like I have been. So, I've gone to a few of the talks today, but for some reason, I am finding less to go to, the tracks are a little less interesting today. :( But still, there are an incredible amount of good talks. :)

After closing tonight, there will be a meetup of plasma hackers, so if you are or want to be a plasma hacker, find a bunch of us after the closing presentations. Not sure where, or anything, but the details SHALL COME.

Tomorrow is the e.V.'s AGM, where all of the e.V. members sit around and talk about mystery stuff (Knut's dancing, probably), so I plan on SLEEPING IN, like until 10 or 11. mmmmmm~, delicious sleep. and then hackfests.

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